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Shiny off white nail polish

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Elegant off white shirts have been reworked in latest collection stunning variations, from peplum to oversized pussy bow. Matching shiny off white nails are the shining stars. The whitish nail polish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting. This nude whitish nail lacquer is also ideal on nails on your wedding day.

Such delicate nail colour shade for the biggest day of your life. Let your nails stay on trend.I really wanted to create a pearl cream white nail polish with an understated and classic look. It is one of those pearl cream white nail polishes you can wear for everyday use. Cream white is definitely a trend. At the same time it’s clean and neutral. It is versatile it will look super modern on short nail and sexy on longer almond shaped nails. Try to wear this pearl cream pearly white with ripped jeans shorts a white t-shirt, sandals and tons of shiny gold bangles.

It’s a clean way to make your nails pop without having to commit to bold bright nail polish. If you are getting married is it ideal with pearl cream white nails. Can you imagine your 18k white gold ring with matching nails? Or imagine a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings with nails pearly white. Very elegant I would say.

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