Shady Lady

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Super cool turquoise shifting to blue.

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With the up and coming summer holidays on the horizon it’s never too early to think about what you will wear poolside or on the beach. A classic two piece paired with big statement sunglasses is perennially chic. Nail lacquer is douchrome metallic turquoise shifting to blue pending of light. Nail varnish is high quality and long lasting on nails.

Cool eye catching turquoise metallic nails. Pending of the light nails will shift between blue and turquoise. Blend in with the sea, sand and cocktails. Are you going to a pool party, your favorite item for the pool party is sunglasses that won’t let you go unnoticed. With a pair of mirrored sunglasses, printed bikini top and white shorts you are ready for the beach club.

Or go to Open Air Sommerfest in Berlin along the banks of River Spree fueled with top notch German DJs. And just lounge in the sand. Shady Lady will look fierce on your toe nails too, make sure to add length to your legs in high heels and show off your tanned legs.

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