Slim Cut

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Metallic grey nail polish

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Chique, sharp, tailored slim cut black trousers against metallic grey manicure, separates that minimalist look. This is a classic metallic grey nail polish. Applies easily and the varnish is long lasting. Do you favor the Scandinavian minimalist look which is clean and simple? You tend to prefer a less is more approach in your daily style. Think neutrals, architectural silhouettes, tailored pieces and you love to keep your accessories to a minimum.

You love a relaxed aesthetic look and appreciate simple clean lines. Accessories are very important and it’s can’t be just anything. Make sure you have a collection of outstanding yet simple pieces of shoes, bags and jewelers. You care a lot about high quality materials like cashmere, wool, silk blends, leather and suede.

Your flat sandals have to be comfy and chic. Black pumps the height doesn’t matter, as long as they look fabulous. And the white shirt never goes out of style. A black leather jacket is the easiest and quickest way to look badass. Now do you dare adding metallic grey nails with a pair of statement earrings?

Just to twist your style.

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