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Rose glitter nail polish

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Ready to party? For the upcoming party season why not add a touch of luxe with rose glitters even your nails will look stunning and glittery. This is party hardy nails, rose pink glitter will make them rock. Rose pink glitter nail polish can be used alone with several layers or on top of any other nail polish from Fnug. Nails are wearing Flip Flip and Luxe Touch on top.

Do you love anything sparkly this is a great opportunity to have something different for Christmas parties and New Years. Usually for the festive season you see a lot of gold and silver why not try rose glitter. You add dazzle to any special occasion. Whether you are looking for a cocktail dress or evening gown in glitter make sure to add sparkling makeup too.

Why not try pink glitter pumps? Rose and coral evening dresses are fabulous somehow adds a romantic look than pure red. The ultimate party glitter nails are bound to be Luxe Touch, it will give you instant rose glitter nails. Have you ever thought about a rose quartz stone ring to match? Applying several layers of rose glitter will cover your nails or just one layer as top coat on top of your coloured nail polish. The effect will be parts of rose glitter spread out on your nail.
You have to notice removal of glitter from nails takes longer than normal nail polish.

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