All White

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Only white nails.

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Head-to-toe all white including nails you can rock all white for virtually every occasion. Super sporty chic pieces wearing white cotton dress and white sporty sneakers are carte blanche too. Ready to try out? The white nail lacquer is long lasting, comes on easily with no streaks. If you head to the beach or the city there’s something about your style if you keep it all white, simple yet chic. It is an easy way to look fresh all day.

You can even combine different white together which matches your skin best. For a casual idea for days when you want to stay comfortable but still look fashionable. Wear white sneakers with a white shirtdress. Use either all silver or all gold accessories.
In general white nail polishes can easily streak. All White does not streak, make sure to let each coat dry well.

Wearing all white gives you the opportunity to also do your nails white. Don’t miss out on this chance to rock your favorite bold lipstick.

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