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Ideal as rose French Manicure

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“I feel like a confident, powerful French Lady in my Ballerina shoes” My nails with a great rose French manicure just done at the best SPA in Paris. Neatly discreet and very very French with elegance. The sheer milk rose nail polish colour is so right for those days when the rose french manicure look is suitable. Great shade for rose french manicure.

No chipping, long lasting on nails. 
A French Manicure must be the beloved manicure ever! Still in fashion and always a safe choice if do not know how to. Funny enough, the Parisian nail salons often call a French Manicure – American nails because it’s more something that American women tend to do with acrylics.

Even though rumored the two toned natural nail look came out of the American movie industry. It wasn’t untill the trend caught on in the fashion industry that Americans noted the style and called it the French Manicure. Quite funny. 
Not an easy task to learn - how to do the white nail tip. I find French Manicure a savior for the professional women at work. You look neat, elegant and showing hands with elegantly manicured nails show confidence.

Any manicurist in a nail salon should be able to make the white tip with a white nail polish. White line ofcause by hand, straight and neat. I created Ballerina nail colour in mind of French Manicure. Ballerina has a sheer coverage meaning it will show the white nail tip from underneath. If you use a cream nail polish with full coverage, like my So Chic, which tend to be same nail tone if this is what you look for, you will not be able to see the white tip.
Ballerina is ideal for French Manicure or simply just applied as it is, for a soft sheer rose nail look.

Again 2 coats is best.

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