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What nail colour for work?

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Strictly business. This season, designers are getting serious with corporate clothes taking over the catwalk. On a recent flight from New York to London a women disembark the plane at Heathrow.

She was wearing a trouser suit with an inverted triangle shaped double-breasted jacket in steely grey. It had broad power shoulders – big enough. At first glance to carry the weight of what must occupy her mind. A highfalutin financial whizz like this is surely concerned with important matters such as a plummeting pound, a world economic crisis.

This season, designers are in serious, no-nonsense frame of mind and the ready-to-wear collections spilled with suits and smart, sobering clothes.
A handful of stereotypical office-appropriate looks. These varied from the girl climbing the corporate ladder who looked more like she’d just climbed out of bed, hungover (in a good way), to cobble together a salt-and-pepper pencil skirt, untucked shirt, navy V-neck sweater and knee-high boots to the more mature executive assistant, taking shape as a trad pinstripe black skirt suit with unbuttoned white shirt and a pair of spectacles.

It’s about empowering women through designs. This style of dressing definitely has the power to alter your mood. It makes you stand taller and carry yourself with confidence. There’s something quite powerful about holding something back through covering up with oversized tailoring rather than showing off every part of your figure. It puts the power back into hands of the wearer rather than the observer.

To offset those darker shades of classic gentleman’s club colours, try nails in a fresh powder grey. It’s a way to modernizing classic power dressing.

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