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Light camel nail polish

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The names are now synonymous with that same casual luxury; that super-race of smart talking ”glamazons”, unafraid of coffee spillage or dirty paw marks. Faye Dunaway, sheathed in honey tones on the arm of Steve McQueen. Catherine Deneuve, en caramel on the Rive Gauche.

These were the women who first inspired women to take the coat off the hanger in a small boutique. This light camel nail polish makes your fingers look very very sophisticated. Super super cool. With a long lasting formulation makes nail polish chip resistant.

Adorable French chic think of classic camel made glamorous with a hint of nude, this was my inspiration for Fashionistas. Part hair in the middle hanging lose and add some smudgy black eyeliner, you are ready. Inspirational these women knew how to dress in the 1970’s. Prospects of sweater weather with matching camel coloured nails for autumn seem right.

I find camel nude nails the new soft rose nails. For many years we have seen a lot of white rosy nails, often for those who seek a clean office look for nails. It looks super elegant and a safe manicure for everyday use, especially if you professionally at work, can’t use too bright nail colours. To add newness to you nail wardrobe you should try out a camel nude manicure like Fashionistas. You will see you get a soft beige nail tone, not bright, still elegantly clean.

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