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Red hot nail polish

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Dedicated to 1950s glitz and glamour nails, it was all about classic hot red and sexy nails. This warm red nail polish sets off your tan like the sun sizzling on the horizon.
The warm classic red nail varnish contain nourishing delicate caviar which is strenghtening for nails. A nail lacquer which is chip resistant and long lasting.

You know red nail polish is the most popular nail shade ever. Red span from warm yellow red to cold blue red tone. I find red nails super elegant and somehow never get tried of red nails. With Like Lolita I really wanted to capture the right red nail colour of the 1950s.

My inspirations is a cool young Marlon Brando one of the great actors from that periode, holding a cigaret is a clear image in my mind. A periode of fashionable looks where women really dressed to show their body image.

A slim waistline was super hot then, skirts with multitude pleats just under the knee, petticoats and fabulous collars were in fashion. The biggest economic boom with rise in consumtion and good style became important factors. All images I have looked at to capture the right red nail nail polish.

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