Shape Shifter

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Say bonjour to sporty wear.

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Easy, sporty pieces are all you want to wear right now.

Say bonjour to Athleisure…blurring boundaries in fashion, fitness and beauty. Wanting great T-shirts and sweatshirts that are really wearable, but you don’t want to spend designer brand prices.

You don’t just want to look effortless, you want to feel effortless. Your maverick street-style possesses a killer instinct for spotting up-and-coming trends. You expand on inexpensive luxury staples at a time when Karl is showing Chanel couture trainers on the runway.

You love thrown-on staples you can wear with anything? You love style and sports all together. Casual wear isn’t just for the gym. You wear pieces that work for the gym and for a low-key house party at your best friend’s apartment. A unique pair of leggings or a sporty mesh top that shows off your favorite sports bra.

You unapologetically use bold texture, colour and pattern that set you apart from others who wear mainstream activewear brands. You really have a punch of fashion flare where each item has an equal focus of fashion and function. You mix faux leather and mesh.

For dual functionality of working out while working it out.

Match your sweet salmon coloured water bottle with nails in matching salmon coral hue.

How cool is that?

8.5 ml

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