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Cornflower blue nail polish

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Setting the trend makes you a daring and experimental fashion connoisseur. Right on spot playing with several different blue nail varnish hues flatters your style. This super strong cornflower blue nail lacquer is bright and super cool nail colour.

Blue manicures are great for days out in the blue. The blue nail enamel is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

Do you dare to stand out from the crowd? Are you a person who likes to take risks or able to think out of the box? Then you tend to move first before everybody else, setting the trend.

If you look among your friends do you act like them or.

Interesting enough years back you hardly noticed women wearing blue nail polish. This was somehow too much especially if working in an office. Now it is so much more common.

You tend to see blue nail polishes with different finishes and colours of blue.

Trendsetter is a replica of the blue I see on antique Victorian porcelain or figurine. A lovely clear blue ideal for nails too.

Do you dare porcelain blue nails?

8,5 ml

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