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Muted green nail varnish

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Face the freeze in a pair of wedges. This is not your shoe when interviewing for your boss’s job. Pair down in a pair of flats but spectacular as you are, your nails are just on the green muted side of edgy.

Danish women love muted toned nail polishes, among all. .

Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

At first you might be scared having a green manicure. You might think it is too much. These days you see all kinds of nail colour popping up and also why I love to create so many different shades.

One for different moods and outfit. For Wedges you have to think muted green not bright green.

If you love wearing army green colours think green like parka coats this is what Wedges is about. In fact these days you see so many different styles of parka coats that you have to incoorporate green manis too.

For beauty reasons if you have red hair green manicure is great. Even with green eyes green manicure looks great.

If you like to wear green eyeliner why not match with green nails. Just think how many options you have. Sometimes experimenting and thinking out oft he box might help you.

This is by far my favorite green. I simply love muted green nails. I love how versitale Wedges is.

Last time at a party I wore black outfit, shoes and my dress with Wedges. I love it.

8,5 ml

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