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Vivid red nail lacquer

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A vivid raspberry red is the ultimate beach wear accessory on your nails. Ad glam next time at the beach. Remember your sun lotion too. This nail polish is a high quality lacquer with staying power on your nails.

Raspberry is a popular summer fruit. At their height during the summer season pop one in your mouth and you’re rewarded with a sweet tart experience. At my home we used to pick those tasty berries. We used to make jams and tarts. At my home with my children we always take vanilla ice cream mixing raspberries into a soft ice cream, and just adding crushed chocolate on top.

All children love this super simple dessert and it has always been part of our birthday parties. Having raspberry red nails for the beach is cool, you have red nails with a pink twist. In addition tanned skin and pink red nails look awesome together.
Make sure your bikini and beach bag is matching your style.

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