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Champagne shimmer nail polish

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The in the know crowd of beauty editors attend the latest beauty launches where they sip elegant glasses of sparkling champagne. What a great job. Why not this week, try matching nails with champagne coloured shimmer nail polish. A super cool metallic rose champagne shade, gives super sparkle on nails.

This shade took me ages to do it was that difficult. The shimmer pigment is super shiny on nails and I wanted the champagne colour to have a twist of rose underneath. It will give you warmth on hands.
Some time ago I was asked if I could do the nails on a bride. A friend of mine, her girlfriend was getting married. I didn’t know the bride at all. I used Beauty Editor and I was so happy I did.

First of all her wedding dress was a strapless champagne colour. It was so classy without being too revealing with a lace up corset style closure in the back secured her dress was in place. Secondly her wedding ring had a champagne coloured diamond stone. She looked stunning with her nails done with a champagne colour too.
Beauty Editor has the warmth so it is super flattering when you have a suntan too.

I trust in open shoe style it will look great too. You have to know the shimmers in this nail polish are outstanding and your nails will shine like glass. I have used same shimmer for Killer Heels and Gold Stiletto.

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