Boot Cut

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Warm brown nail polish

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Knee-high brown suede boots matched with an alpine purple sweater. Capture the pose in boot-cut denim utterly chic and stylish. This is your fun brown essential nail polish this season. Warm intensely brown nails are disguised. Boot Cut nail polish is flattering your hands and the hot zone in Denmark.

Chip resistant and long lasting formulation. Oh, this brown I simply love and here in Nordic a favorite. Especially Danish women have a favour for muted brown nails. In a way, lately beeing the new red. Danish women tend to love an understated look often favoring neutral, grey and brown colour schemes.

If you take a look at the Nordic landscape brown is essential. Foodies travel to Denmark for a glimpse of innovative dishes like easting live ants. This was the coolest ever. Can you imagine, brown ants. The danish fashion scene is rapidly growing with new names blazing. The favorite colous are neutrals and brown. This is how I created Boot Cut with these images in mind.

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