Cashmere Sweater

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Camel coloured nails

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Leopard, tiger, zebra and giraffe: in fashion sweaters with animal prints are a great classic that have been interpreted in every which way. They offer an interesting glamorous touch and a seductive allure. Try adding luxurious cashmere camel cream nail polish in the day or at night.

This is your ideal cashmere camel coat and cashmere camel sweater nail polish. You'll love it. In fact cashmere wool, usually known as cashmere, is a fiber from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats. The fiber takes labor intensive process done by hand and why it is such expensive fiber.

Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light and super soft and garments made from it provides excellent insulation. Cashmere has been manufactured in Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years and still a luxurious classic. Now if you favor a classic outfit for the office why not have your nails done in a classic nude brown tone to compliment your style.

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