Dressed Up

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Dark brown nail polish

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A wrap around silk dress in animal print with a long gold horseshoe necklace and that great big gold men’s watch is all it takes. Your skin and nails look like a tropical bounty hunter in a great dark brown nail lacquer perfect for the night.
You know the style rules and break them with class.

The nail polish is chip resistant and a long lasting formula. I love brown nails. With Dressed Up I created a dark brown which it not turning almost black nor brown with too much red inside.
If you add too much red you end up with dark reddish brown. Having too much red in brown is not the most flattering brown nail colour.  Trust me.

For Dressed Up I had to work the other way around it I ended up adding white so the brown is having a cold undertone. I love the process of working colours sometimes it is a slight twist and the color gets right. Other time you have to start all over again.

Last time I was on holiday I was wearing Dressed Up with my tanned skin, gold jewelry and a pair of golden sandals. Brown and gold looks super hot in fact one lady in a store asked me about my brown nails. Can you image how I felt?

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