Fake Fur

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Warm grey nail polish

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Fake Fur is right on trend. Your designer friend has created several stylish fake fur items in his stunning autumn collection. You want them all!
This grey nail varnish is cool grey without getting too brownish. Nice grey manicure for everyday use. The classic grey nail polish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

In addition Danish women have a favour for grey manicures. Somehow this is hot spot and the it nail colour in Nordic. Even the first lady from US has been spotted with grey nails. Be on trend with top faux fur picks for the season. You see it all from leopard print faux fur coats to rainbow scarves and snoods to keep you warm. It is simply possible to create beautiful and luxurious fur free fur that also looks great.

The reason behind this trend a lot of people refuse to wear fur for ethical reasons. We simply love cute animals. If you want to be trendy you have so many cruelty free options. You can choose to be cruel or kind in this world. Partly you see rising awareness towards being vegan or vegetarian.
It is easy to find fake fur leather jackets for autumn you see more and more options around fashion stores. I bought one for my daughter in black. I didn’t have to spend a lot since she is still growing and in fact it looks like real leather.

A grey nail polish like Fake Fur is a classic grey. In Nordic grey nails have become the new red nails. A lot of women favor grey nails during the darker months on the year. In general grey, black and brown toned clothes are favored during these colder months and grey nails simply looks stunning against with it.
If you still haven’t tried, I can tell you the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has been spotted with grey manicure too.

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