Scene Stealers

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Powerful red nails

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Powerful and sophisticated elegance with bold dramatic red nails like jewels. Rich red nails like old school Hollywood glamour is bound to be scene stealer. The pigment is strong which means nail polish has very good coverage.

You like to draw attention by your charm. Naturally like a girl boss. You have charisma and humor. Can you make stripey thight the new bare leg? You are not afraid to try new things or to be first. Should any last minute special occasion arise you know what instant style you would wear. An outfit so good, it commands literally everyone’s attention. You are confident. You know the new glam is sporty skin with post workout hair, the athletic aesthetic of physical fitness is setting the new beauty routines.

You might just have come from a boxing inspired workout class. Now do not spare nails in a powerful bold red with a touch of old school glamour.

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