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Neon pink nail lacquer

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Neon pink nail polish is bound to get your hands on the front page. Wow. Such cool pink nail colour when as the sun dips over the horizon, sipping endless tropical cocktails with well manicured neon pink nail lacquer glistening in the last rays. Neon pink nail polish will turn matte. If you like shiny finish, use Top Model Top Coat for optimal shine.

The pink neon nail lacquer is chip resistant, which means that it is extreme durability with no chipping. Think gorgeous splashes of pink neons for street style. It’s a perfect pick me up for rainy dull days. Use neon as a fashion accessory with splashes of hot pink neon surely updating your everyday look. Pairing pink neon with neutrals you allow the bright colour to be the focus of outfit.

Last time in London I spotted, down in SoHo, a young women in neon pink fake fur with white jeans and white top. She looked awesome. And you know she had neon pink dip dyed hair too. It’s clear Londoners aren’t afraid to break the style rules and opt for completely individual look. I love it.

Think of neon pink nails next time you want to have an individual look. Now make sure when you apply Front Page you use two coats. Preferably with base coat first. Neon nail polish can only be neon matt. In case you want to have glossy neon nails, simply add Top Model Top Coat on top.

And wupti you have neon glossy nails.

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