Front Row

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Muted lavender nail polish with a grey touch

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Autumn nails with a twist of grey and lavender mixed. Gives your lavender manicure an edge by not being too lavender but a touch of grey makes your nail looks stunning. Just right for grey outfits and loved by Nordic women.

Every fashion season you see stars and A-listers sitting front row at the most exclusive fashion shows and people watch what they wear and they know it. Scoring a seat in the vry front is a honour and puts you in the limelight. Spotted and right now trending hot is frayed hem jeans with a raw edge at the hem of your jeans, which must sit two centimeters above your ankle bone. Currently the holy grail in fashion.

For celebrities style nails many of them use a manicurist doing their nails. Especially when they want to look their best, nails get done professionally. Just look around the web and get inspiration for yourself, a lot you can do yourself.
A lot of nail art styles come from really creative nail bloggers who are fanatic with anything nails. Some of the best nail bloggers are very inspirational to watch.

Myself I am low key when it comes to nail art. I find it too time consuming I simply do not have time. I tend to change my nail colours very often since I am always working on a new nail shade. Front Row is a distinct lavender grey nail polish which I find is very suitable for earth tones you see around fashion during the cooler months of the year.
With this edgy manicure you can get your nails on the front row.

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