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Grey pink metallic nail polish

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It’s time to reconsider your wardrobe, now grey is not just grey. For autumn get a twist and thrill of grey metallic nails with icy pink touch. This nail polish has not been seen before. The metallic pink grey nail varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting with no risk of chipping.

This nail shade took tons of time to do. In my mind I wanted to twist a metallic grey nail polish. Adding hint of pink shimmer inside. First lab sample came out pretty awful, after several tests, the the nail polish shade started to look as I wanted. Last try I added a dash of more shimmer and then it was how I imagined the colour.

Imagine when you look at your grey metallic nails you see hints of icy pink shimmer sparkling among the grey shimmer. Just like looking at a galaxy in the night sky. The stormy weather hue of grey is like an overcast day, grey and cool. It is a perfect colour if you are a professional lady, who enjoy your position and need to have a wardrobe reflect your inner strength.

A willpower that will ensure every obstacle will be overcome.
Use Galaxy to create a futuristic spellbound look on your nails. Great with shimmer long dresses in silver or grey for party look. Or simply as an aha moment for something different than straight grey.

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