Gold Digger

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Gold Digger is more than just a top coat

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Think sparkling golden glaze a strengthening and protecting top coat with glitter, genuine gold particles and diamond dust that gives your nails the ultimate finish of the moment, when you can never have enough gold or glam. Can be used as top coat with glitter gold or alone with several layers.

For fun apply gold on one nail only. Few layers required for full coverage. I wanted to add luxury to your nail with Gold Digger. Also fun. Try different options like, several coats of Gold Digger will build into a sparkle of gold glitter on nails. Make sure you let each layer dry thoroughly before applyng next layer.

Then you will be able to build up layers of gold particles on your nail. Your nails will sparkle. Try with a coloured nail polish underneath, then you add one layer of Gold Digger as top coat to get gold glitter speading on nails. 
With only one coat of Gold Digger you will be able to see the coloured nail polish under. An other idea for a new take on french manicure where you only make the nail tip with gold glitter. Also ideal for parties. Have fun trying different ideas.

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