Gold Stiletto

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Gold shimmer nail polish

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Bare legs with tiny gold skirt and gold stiletto is outstanding party chic outfit. You'll be the hottest woman at the party. Do not forget to wear golden nail polish with a cool gold sparkle effect. Like gold stiletto nail varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage. 
Nail polish has staying power on your nails.

High heels have gone out of fashion, then re-merging again. High heels are an icon of femininity. Make your legs look longer. Sure you have tried a torturous heel that made it hard for you to walk. Who says you can’t wear gold shoes at work. 
Now if you work in a creative industry you see colleagues in sneakers, jeans and, well, whatever they feel comfortable wearing. How about white sneakers with gold leather as accent. Really cool for work.

Take on more gold in pointed high mules in metallic rose gold, how cool it that for your next party. Do wear shimmer gold stiletto nail polish with it. The shimmer pigemtent is almost like glass. Really shiny. If you like shimmers and glam this is right gold metallic nail polish for you.
In case you want shame shimmer effect in other nail colours.
Beauty Editor  and Killer Heels have same shimmer pigment. Just saying.

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