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Yellow nail polish

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Wow I got a yellow goodie bag full of eye catching colorful beauty stuff. Perfectly spices up my makeup. I can’t wait to try out yellow nail polish. Yellow nails are on the hot radar. The yellow nail varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

Have you seen it lately yellow lipstick and yellow eye shadow? It seems the Koreans have started this trend. We are slowly seeing colours play a role for a statement look. It might be intimidating but it’s versatile and you might want to start small. How about yellow eye liner or yellow nails? Anyhow yellow nails, make sure to keep nails short else they look tacky.
Yellow fashion is bright, it’s loud and it’s in your face. It’s not something you wear if you are playing safe. If honestly you are worried about wearing a straight yellow outfit, as it can be outside your comfort zone, opt for something with yellow pattern to start.

Last year I bought a yellow lightweight jacket from Italy ( I love Italian fashion ) and I adore the colour against my yellow nails such cool match. In fact yellow is super flattering against a suntan.

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