Got To Have

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Winter sky blue nail polish

8,5 ml  Fri for hormonforstyrrende stoffer
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A woman shrouded in a mysterious and decadent aura sitting in the hotel bar. With a look that has been studied down to the smallest detail. You got to have her nails in a trendy winter sky blue colour. No chipping and a quality nail varnish with high gloss finish.

You can establish certain guidelines when choosing a colour for your nails. Think of your mood how do you really feel today? Do you feel sad, happy, bitter, fearless or grateful? If you close your eyes for a moment, try to really feel your mood today.

I guess you have same feeling when you chose your perfume of the day. I own about 20 odd different perfumes and I love them all. Pending of my mood, sometimes if I feel anxious, I do not feel for one of my heavy note perfumes those with content of amber or musky tones. I might feel better with a perfume based on lighter notes. Same way you can start guiding yourself choosing a nail colour.

On certain days when you feel confused or frustrated you might be attracted towards a nail colour which is more discreet, like Off Duty Cool. Think same way how you express yourself with emojis by text with your friends. A winter sky blue nails like Got To Have you might like on days you feel calm, where nothing disturbs you. Just like the sky – open minded. Also a great blue nail colour in your nail wardrobe for anything blue.

Have a good day.

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