Hats On

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Green and purple douchrome nail polish

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Why not leave your hat on? This winter season the nails are metallic colour travelling between green and purple pending on the light. Pretty cool. Has staying power on nails. The douchrome nail varnish is chip resistant making it long lasting on nails. What hat to wear? A hat can be the accessory that sets you apart not as easy for us females as men. Just having a baseball cap like the guys can be a bit tricky unless you play tennis.

Whatever hat beanies, caps or a felt floppy? Do not neglect hats this season. The felt floppy hat style gives you a feeling of glamour paired with a cute long dress and ankle boots. You will be on trend with 70s revival. Bonus, you even stay shaded from the sun and hide messy hair. Leave your hat on. You will be gorgeously on-trend this season. Very Bohemian. A floppy hat can dress up a casual outfit, like the classic white jeans and chambray shirt. Wear you grey sport beanie with black leather skirt, black sneakers and bold red lipstick. It makes you r night time outfit look cool.

For a stylish baseball cap look try a black leather baseball cap it is so much more sophisticated paired with over the knee black leather boots with a short dress. Hats On is a nail polish for versatile options a cool nail polish which shifts colour pending of the light. You will see colours travel between purple and green and it suit pretty well both as an everyday or evening nail polish.

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