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Pearly sand nail enamel

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When spring days of early sun hit, we love the flurry of outdoor activity people take on. Suddenly different neutral shades of off white and sandy hues become the new hip newcomer. This trendy pearl sand metallic hue on your nails is very flattering as nail enamel. Neutral nail colours are very popular in Scandinavia. The pearly sand nail varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

In Denmark we have long coastlines along our shores. Growing up we lived 30 minutes from the beach and every summer we used to visit the beach regularly. Part of the enjoyment of the beach was a visit at the ice cream parlor. This was the height of the day. Today I do not live far from the beach either in fact I went down to the beach to fetch sand in a glass when I did Hip Newcomer.

I really wanted to capture a sand shade for nails. I added a bit of pearl pigment to symbolize the suns reflections in the sand. This essential sand nail polish is very nice with anything neutral as well as white outfits. I noticed on brides sand nude nails are quite flattering. Do you like to have nails in a discreet neutral shade – this it it.

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