Hot Pants

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Earthly warm clay nail varnish

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The earthly, warm clay hue beloved of the seventies makes a comeback. Party chic this season with hot pants right on trend matched well with warm clay nail lacquer on your hands. No chipping. The high quality nail polish will last on your nails. When Hot Pants and mini skirts came in to fashion in swinging London during 1960s, these super shorts were fashionable until the early 1970s.

They became main stream and even stewardesses working for Southwest Airlines of Texas during the 1970s were selected for their look of legs in hot pants and long leather boots. At that time everyone thought it was a fad. Today hot pants are even more fashionable as ever.

Fit is essential, make sure you find the right hot pants fitting your shape. If you are not tall wearing hot pants with a pair of killer stilettos for the next party will definitely frame you and leave your legs looking super long. Right now as trend I spotted a lot of young women wearing ultra high waisted hot pants as a bikini bottom to recereate that 50s beach bombshell look. Have your nails done super long with an oval shape in this cool warm clay tone will add elegance while wearing your new hot pants.

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