Killer Heels

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Silver grey shimmer nail polish

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Wow how cool they are, your new silver grey shoes with killer heels. In admiration of others you are stylish in those killer heel shoes...causing a stir with everyone asking where you bought them. Your evening dress, in a darker tone of dark grey and your nails even better with grey nail varnish with great shimmer particles. So elegant.
Extreme durability with no chipping.

Fashion’s most provocative accessory and no stylist look are complete without a pair of high heeled shoes. Hollywood status object, we have seen skyscraper platform embraced by Lady Gaga. I wonder how she walks. Killer Heels is bound to be one more of your fifty shades of grey, though this is such shiny grey you will not believe it.
A perfect grey for the transitional time, when you dress for cooler weather and  not quite ready to let go of the last days of summer. The shimmers in this grey nail polish are outstanding. I used the same shimmer in Beauty Editor and Gold Stiletto though other colours.

My goal was shimmers with a lot of shine almost like glass.
So if you are into shimmers and glam this is a grey metallic nail polish for you.

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