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Metallic grey nail lacquer

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Stay tuned with tie dye yoga pants. Colourful sporty active wear so much more fun than black. Stay on trend with this metallic trendy grey nail lacquer with a touch of lavender. Not seen before. The metallic grey varnish is chip resistant, which means it is extremely long lasting. A special nail brush has been developed making application as smooth as possible.

Look stylish at your next yoga or pilates class. From the streets to your mat, high rise leggings in soft fabric are everywhere. Right now you see a lot of designs on leggings from snakeskin, camouflage to space design. Gone are black leggings.

Now it is all about the absence of side seam, giving the pants a sleek and sculptured look. You should also look at seamless yoga tops and an anti-bacterial yoga bra. Lovely to wear. I know.

Besides I am a pilates instructor and love teaching classes during winter season. I love teaching other women pilates. The most rewarding is after class when someone tells me her shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore or she feels she is getting stronger. When I teach pilates I am mindful and concentrate my body work.

In my professional life I am always working in my head. I am grateful when I do pilates my only focus is my body, it is a great feeling to be present and mindful. After pilates class I never feel tired I feel energized since I am always able to stay super focused. It sounds super simple it is not. 
I have done hours of practicing and planning for class at home. For more than 10 years I have done pilates and I still love it. It is a great training for body mind work.

For indoor classes like yoga and pilates people do see your toe nails in your high waist tights. Caring for your feet is a great way to care for yourself. A simple foot bath where you have to sit is a way to practice mindfulness. Just be present and feel you feet in the foot bath this is mindfulness. After apply a lovely metallic grey with lavender touch nail polish, like On Trend, will make you feel good next time at your mat work. And grey nails work with all your sport gear.

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