Royal Smushi

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Royal Smushi nail varnish

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In central Copenhagen you find The Royal Smushi Café which is cool, baroque and a happy confusion of design, humour and trend. Fnug joined togehter with this trendy Café to come up with THE nail varnish symbolizing the vibe of this Café. Royal Smushi nail varnish is a sweet pink rose with a touch of sparkling glamour. Sheer in finish. Next time you are in Copenhagen this Café is a must visit.

The sweet pink nail colour is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting. If you ever visit Copenhagen make sure to pay this trendy Café a visit. The food is a fusion between sushi and Danish smoerrebroed. You get great food and nice service and the décor inside are amazing.

The location is tucked away behind Royal Copenhagen store, you will not be able to see from Stroget. Look for the sign. If you ever visit during Christmas make sure to look out the backyard of the Café. On the laundry line they hang Farther Christmas red outfit. Such funny and cool idea. You see lots of children coming to find his clothes.

The rose iridescent nail colour is spot on. Look for their cookbook cover and you will notice Royal Smushi is the same sparkly sweet rose colour.

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