Sequin Dress

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Metallic soft red nail polish

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New party dresses with a new edge of sparkle and sequins, and match your nail tips for even more sparkle. This soft red nail lacquer in metallic is like a sheen of jewels on every nail. The metallic soft red varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

Say hello to sequin and embellished dresses in a bodycon style. Perfect in a statement piece you’re sure to have all eyes on you in head to toe sequins. What better way to drape yourself in sequins, beads, glitter and glam than at a Christmas party or New Years’ Eve. It will be perfect for the dark night during the festive winter season. 
Even a pair of black sequin shorts is uber cool to glam up the party. Just mix with a black silk blouse and black boots to the knee.

For a casual day look a sequin pencil skirt can look is posh with a pointy ankle boot and a heavy knit sweater. That will take you from 9 to 17 without being overdressed for work. To stay tuned on the sequins match with metallic nails in a soft red tone.

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