Short Skirt

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Soft pink nail polish

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Sometimes your wardrobe has too much black and grey. Add a touch of colour and you have so much more power on your nails. The softness of milky pinkish nail enamel is just the right colour for you and your short skirt. The milky pink nail varnish has extreme durability. Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

I find short nails super elegant, somehow this suits me best. I find when I have too long nails they are in the way and not practical at all. I love doing creative stuff with my hands so having long nails while I knit or crochet or doing other stuff creatively, do not work for me. A short skirt I tend not to wear too much anymore. I used to and it is super elegant with high heels. I tend to prefer skirts finishing around the knee suits me better with age.

Guess one way or the other we all find our style.

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