Skinny Jeans

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Plum brown nail polish

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In Notting Hill business seems to be booming. Better as ever. Lanvin pumps are flying out the door and there’s barely enough time to get the Balmain skinny brown jeans back on the hanger. In the beauty parlour nails are manicured with that distinct brown or it is a plum nail varnish colour? It is amazing.

Super chip resistant. Will stay on nails. I bet every single person reading this right now owns a stellar pair of skinny jeans, they’re versatile, they’re cool and they are easy to find at any pricepoint. The point is how to wear skinny jeans and still look different daily. Go for a rocker look with black skinnies, pointed boots and a fur coat, fake of cause. Or even add knee high boots with a sporty jacket for afterhours hangouts.

When I did Skinny Jeans I had these images on my mind. I wanted a nail shade thats versatile and can be used day as well at night. Brown muted nails with a hint of autumn plum. It is a nail shade which is suitable for most women.

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