Sunday Brunch

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Oceanic muted green nail polish

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Wow, enjoy Sunday brunch at the city restaurant with your husband in Barcelona enjoying warm coffee latte in the autumn sun. The touch of oceanic muted green nail polish is very right for this day.

In general the muted nail colours are very flattering and loved by Scandinavian women. The oceanic muted green nail varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting.

Weekend brunch is the perfect way to enjoy the weekend, relax and indulge a bit. Choosing the right outfit can be a bit confusing. In general you might choose casual wear.

For the casual look you might want to wear a demin top with black leather tights it appears laid-back and relaxed.

If the occasion is more formal you need to be spot on say it is a birthday. The style might have to be more classic and chic. It’s about keeping it simple.

For you and your boyfriend, or husband you can always match your outfits. Denim is a great way to match outfits and it will look super cute. You might want a long coat in green.

If you pair your nails with muted green your are ready for Sunday Brunch.

8,5 ml

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