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Coral orange nail polish

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This is your signature, coral orange nail lacquer for the cosmopolitan woman who has everything. High flying as a supermodel you are in control and ready to explore Seychelles, South Beach, Gold Coast or wherever the tropical sun is out.

Luscious as your strawberry mojito.

Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

Oh the tropic is in my heart. I used to live in Seychelles when I did this supermodel coral nail polish shade is reminded me so much of the vivid colours of flowers we had in our garden. Creating this coral nail shade I went through a lot of old memories.

I have many good memories in my heart from my living in Seychelles. Some of my very good friends are Seychellior and we used to have so much fun together.

We were a group of girls and we would always meet on Beau Vallon Beach at 17.00 on Wedensdays. One of us would bring a Moet & Chandon this was our luxury of the week while watching the sunset.

Seychelles is such beautiful place on our planet earth. I hope soon to visit Seychelles again, this time with my teenage children.

8,5 ml

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