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Purple crinkle metal foil nail polish

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This season purple crinkled metal foil is right on trend with autumns dark shades around. Matte crinkled metal foil but gives at the same time a funky shine of metal onto nails.

Let nail polish dry well before layer two, after it will crinkle into purple metal foil.

Leaves a rough uneven finish on your nails, which is top nice. Super different and you will be noticed.

Super cool and a different take on your purple metallic nails. This time with a crinkled metal effect in purple, giving nails a rough surface.

Still pending on how light hits nails, they will sparkle. Lovely as you new autumn or party nails.

Make sure to apply two layers. Let each layer dry well. Slowly the rough surface will appear.

Have nails with purple crinkled foil effect.

You find same finish with Blitz and Moonstone.

8,5 ml

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