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Warm grey nail polish

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This is a working woman’s wardrobe. Pared down to it’s most elegant style ideal carry-all, ipad, blackberry, iphone, make-up, keys….not to mention gym kit?

For the streamlined Scandinavian working style the favourite nail colour of course warm grey nail lacquer on her nails. The warm grey nail varnish is such a popular grey nail colour in Nordic.

No chipping and the nail polish is long lasting on nails.

Along in my Tote Bag I always carry a bottle of nail polish. I embrace warm grey nail polish in a contemporary colour like Tote Bag it gives you a sophisticated chic feel look.

No wonder why women love grey nails. Even the first lady in US has been spotted with grey nails.

A perfect nail shade for autumn super flattering if you wear dark outfits for a downtown casual look.

I have even tried grey manicure for the beach. In fact grey nails with tanned skin is really cool.

You tend to believe bright nails shades are best as summer nails you should give grey nail a go.

8,5 ml

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