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Nude greige nail polish

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Mix soft florals, utility pieces and laid-back tailoring it’s summer in the city. Keep a pair of ballet pumps in a bag to wear after a day in heels. Team the new boho jacket with simple looking nude greige nails.

The nude greige nail polish is good for strenghtening your nails. This is with a chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

Imagine sandy greige nails with your most important article of clothing in your wardrobe try to swap your skinny jeans for a pair of high waisted flares.

Rounded square nails are ideal for neutral greige nails and perfect for someone who doesn’t work a lot with their hands. Also great if you love trying different nail designs and trends.

File your nails into a rounded shape. Once you nails are round, file down the top going in one direction. Finally, file the corners in a curve to soften the flat edge at the top.

Keeping a well maintained manicure is an indulgence either at home or in a salon. Your giving youself a boost having great looking nails.

One way or the other chipping nail polish doesn’t look flattering at all.

8,5 ml

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