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Bordeaux nail polish

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You love flea markets hunting the next classic vintage Birkin Bag. Or just the thrill of watching the crowds at Porte de Clignancourt shouting and enjoying a latte in the warm autumn sun in Paris. Your bordeaux manicure is well-groomed yet not over the top. Also versatile as bordeaux pedicure. Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

I used to live in Paris for a year and used to visit the flea market at Porte de Clignancourt every Sunday picking up all sort of vintage. Once my Danish girlfriend and I got this idea we also wanted a stand at the flea market. In Denmark we burn lots of candles during our dark winter months. My girlfriend, her cousin, was making handmade oil lamps out of ceramic. Pretty cool.

This was our idea selling oil lamps in Paris. My girlfriend took the train from Paris to Denmark picking up a few suitcases of oil lamps. We never looked at cost, nor the transport cost going up and down by train, whether we could even make a profit. We were super naive but we had fun. I think we ended up, her going up and down for about 4 times. We sold everything we had.

At that time you had to be early at Port de Clignancourt to have a stand reserved for the day. This time we came late and all the stands had sold out. You have to imagine two young girls with bags of ceramic oil lamps and a folding table traveling in the metro in Paris arriving late with all our pick and pack. We almost collapsed and didn’t want to travel back with no sales.

We noticed people were even selling under the brigde which was outside the flea market itself and thought we could do the same. We didn’t realise it was illegal untill we suddenly  noticed we were all alone. Everybody had gone! The police was right in front of us and on the ground we had a black blanket full of burning oil lamps. We werer so nervous and the next thing we were both in the police car.

Today looking back I am sure the two policemen must have had a laugh. They drove us to the next corner and told us if they ever saw us again selling outside the official stand area we would  be arrested. Today my toughts are warm towards the two kind police officers, they must have laughed at us, two young blonde danes, trying to sell ceramic oil lamps.

After we realised those selling outside had an internal varning system they used to spice each other and everybody would disapear quickly. We did’t know, this was our one time experience only, never again. At that time I remember I always wore bordeaux nail polish and why I now call mine Vintage. Due to this experience.

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